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Welcome to FABULOUS NEW YOU!  If you are looking for oodles of QUALITY STYLE information and help with unleashing that SOPHISTICATED and WELLGROOMED individual within, then you have arrived at the right place and at the right time!

Fabulous New You is a dynamic and exciting new venture where individuals requiring help with everything from IMAGE, CLOTHING and STYLE to GROOMING and BEAUTY including SKINCARE & HAIR can access the expertise of a skilled, experienced practitioner in a private and welcoming studio on the outskirts of Doncaster.


Fabulous New You is a unique business, owned and run by Andrea Hall.

With over 20 years combined experience in the Commercial/TV/Fashion/Hair & Beauty world, we strive to provide first class image services to both private and corporate clients.

Here at FABULOUS NEW YOU image consultancy, we offer an exceptional service, which not only develops your personal image and style, but which will boost your confidence and give you the advantage whether in your day to day, personal or professional life.   Don’t miss this opportunity to make some AMAZING changes that will not only TRANSFORM the way that others see you, but how you see yourself.

Remember that YOUR IMAGE and STYLE speaks volumes about who you are, right from that SO important first impression.  Not only can we help you change the way that others see you, but we can help to give you the heads up in all areas.

Our Services

The Colour Analysis

A distinctive service in which after a thorough consultation,  you will be confident knowing the very best colour/s for you to wear.  This is based on the analysis of the undertones within YOUR skin and the visual benefits are simply AMAZING and is the basis of the uniqueness of YOU.
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The Style Consultation

The purpose of the Style Consultation is to analyse and determine the BODYLINE, the SCALE and the PROPORTION of both the body & the face.
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Cosmetic / Makeup / Skincare

The benefits of the Cosmetic Consultation speak for themselves with the younger and radiant skin that is always a showstopper in any situation.
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